Eindhoven Psych Lab その2





From one extreme to another; Temples late after midnight precisely nothing to chance but in doing so does add some charm to. If there is one band that attracts today many teenage girls, this is it. Frontman James Bagshaw is aware of that and play in there. The curly poses continuously and gives way to smooth lead a slick show with stadium ambitions.The songs are catchy and easy to sing along (unique to this festival), the sound is retro, and is often described as akin to Tame Impala 1.0. It has the band popularity resulted in the same kind of circles, but the band is touring now for three years with debut album Sun Structures along the festivals. The enthusiasm that showed the group at Lowlands 2014 has given way to a business approach, almost against the routine to. On mistakes you can not catch them, not on emotion. Fresh is the setlist in the year 2016 no more and the atmosphere some desolate. High time for new material and - sure enough - gives the quartet from Kent here casually by the world premiere of new songs. Suddenly you see some excitement and enthusiasm to the band. Quickly into the studio so gentlemen, and dust off the current show. 




What we do know? The deeply padded psych rock of the American White Hills is very good from the shelves and is best nextlevel psych.High time to go to the main hall for headliner Temples then. The UK psych poppers start on time and the frontman has been operating as careless as that of Parquet Courts. The British are clearly more pop and they have more carats song material as Shelter Song and very compelling Keep In The Dark, we just loudly trying to sing along ... Temples loves Eindhoven Psych Lab one hour in the grip and makes where the headliner status.