South America Tour Starting !


アルゼンチンのカルチャー雑誌「UltraBrit Mag」がJamesにインタビューを行って、その一部が公開されていました。

Temples: “Preferimos estar relacionados a la psicodelia antes que a cualquier otro género” – Ultrabrit


Temples: "We prefer to be related to psychedelia before any other genre"


-¿Nos Could overtake some of the concert they will do in Argentina?

'I can tell a lot about what they should expect, what is certain is that we will sing the songs we have now. We might get to play new songs, but mostly songs Sun Structures , because we know that many people never saw us live in this part of the world. You will see that some songs we do different, and some are going to sound similar to the disk, but try to vary and keep it fun for us. I think the public should be exciting because nothing is ever the same twice. We changed a lot in every recital.

「new songs」っていうのに期待しちゃうけど・・・南米ツアーは初めてだものね。




Temples: "We'd rather not be a very popular band"