Great Scott, Allston,Boston,MA, 22nd Nov









Wicked Local Watertown : Tour Stop: Temples tout psychedelic rock at Great Scott

WickedLocal: Can you tell us a bit about the formation of the band and how Temples got started?

Thomas Edison Warmsley: Well, we started all of this about a year and a half ago and we just started recording ideas in James’ studio, this little box room in his house.

We just wanted to experiment and we had no preconceived idea of what we wanted to do. Everything that came out was just organic and we liked what we were doing so we just continued. After getting a few songs down on tape we just posted them to the Internet via YouTube.

It seemed like instantly people were asking, ‘When can we see this live?’

At that point, I realized that this could be interesting. Soon after we recruited a few other guys we knew from Kettering that happened to be around and we became a proper band. We all grew up around here but we’ve traveled and lived in different places but it just so happened we were around at the same time and I’m glad for that.

WickedLocal: Where does the band name ‘Temples’ come from?

Warmsley: It was inspired by a Francesco Hayez painting, which you can see on our YouTube. We wanted our music to soundtrack what was happening in that painting. The image really spoke to us and the name isn’t at all calculated but we hope it’s a good descriptor of our music.

It’s a place you go for an experience, spiritual, grand, different and at the same time inanimate and far away.

WickedLocal: What kind of music have you been listening to recently?

Warmsley: Actually, I’ve been really listening to the new Toy album ‘Join the Dots’ It’s sonically heavier and it’s got some great melodies and harmonies.

WickedLocal: Your band has been on somewhat of a rollercoaster since its inception. You also recently signed two big record contracts with Imagem Music UK, Heavenly Records, and Fat Possum Records in North America. Have you had time to reflect on your initial successes?

Warmsley: I don’t think I’ve had time to really think about it. It’s been a whirlwind since our first tour and the constant gigs. I finally realized the other day that it’s gone so quickly. We’re kind of into a routine now, when we’re not playing shows we are recording and writing.

In the last few months we’ve been trying to get as many tracks as possible finished. Now, with the new album we’re excited for the prospect of showing everyone what we have. It’s all finished and ready to go.

On the other hand sometimes I think it’s better not to think about it at all. [Laughs].

No matter how it has happened, whether it’s just good timing or what, we’ve been fortunate to ride the momentum and there’s really no explanation. I think it’s great that people like what we’re doing and get it.

WickedLocal: Can you talk about your new album and what people can expect?

Warmsley: Everything we’ve released so far has been singles. We’ve always found it a bit hard to choose singles and I know that they’re quite important, especially when there’s no record behind it.

People tend to define an artists on their singles, so we’re happy to unveil a whole body of work with this album.

There are a lot of different elements and a huge spectrum of sounds. I like to think it’s more varied than the work people have heard already and that it’ll help the audience understand us a little better. We’ve got eight or nine new tracks in addition to the singles we’ve released and it’s just incredibly exciting to have it come out.

WickedLocal: How’s touring going? Have you had fun in the U.S.?

Warmsley: The U.S. has been incredible, just a world apart from England let alone Kettering. Each place we’ve visited around the world had a strong atmosphere and a different feel altogether than every other city.

It does feel special though, to be a British band and coming to America to play. It’s absolutely incredible. None of us thought we’d be here when we started.

We’re certainly looking forward to visiting Boston as well. We’ve only heard good things and we’re excited to make the trip.