「SUN STRUCTURES」2014年2月10日発売!






Temples announce eagerly anticipated debut album ‘Sun Structures’ out February 2014 // Heavenly Recordings

1. Shelter Song
2. Sun Structures
3. The Golden Throne
4. Keep In The Dark
5. Mesmerise
6. Move With The Season
7. Colours To Life
8. A Question Isn’t Answered
9. The Guesser
10. Test Of Time
11. Sand Dance
12. Fragment’s Light





ジャケットのアートワークを手がけたのは、「Keep In The Dark」のPVの映像作家Abbie Stephensと、写真家Zoe Maxwell

撮影されているエッシャー作品みたいなシュールな建物はテンプルズ達の地元、ケタリングにある「Rushton Triangular Lodge 」という、全てが三角で構成されている歴史的建造物。




Listen: Temples Stream New Single, ‘Mesmerise’ | News | DIY

For all of Temples' obvious psych-leanings, they're applying the effects of whichever 60s stick they got brushed with into something different. "Paradise is alive in the countryside," chants James Bagshaw on top of a hysterical, cymbal-crashing chorus. It's as if the heart of the hippie movement has struck up in English fields all over again. Forget the Aussie psych invasion - Kettering's where it's at.(←あらあら。)

'Mesmerise' lives up to its title, leaving not a split-second's breathing space in its pursuit of the acid-washed holy grail.


It's immaculately-crafted pyschedelic pop album that would sit perfectly next to The Byrds, T Rex and Tame Impala. It's full of psych drenched guitars, the odd burst of the 60′s sounding organ, energetic drums and a collection of bass lines that most bands would kill for. Bursting with ideas, each track marries a stunning chorus with singer James Bagshaw's velveteen vocal, a slew of harmonies and kaleidoscopic melodies.