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Drums: Hal BlaineThe man behind the shells on Pet Sounds and numerous other great records. His groove is infectious, especially on “California Dreamin'” by The Mamas and The Papas.

Bass: James Jamerson

The guy with the prettiest basslines, his is the most melodic bass playing with such effortlessness. The Jackson 5's “Darling Dear”! He played all his lines with one finger – unreal.

Percussion: Ray Cooper

I saw him on the Concert for George DVD, and his style of playing is crazy; he acts like a front man.

Guitar: Les Paul

Like a predecessor of Hendrix, an innovator but without the fuzz pedal. His innovative playing would really pull the band in different directions.

Vocals: Colin Blunstone

Colin is not a showman, but he doesn't need to be with his velvet-smooth voice; his melodies and range would have people in a frenzy.

Sound man: Jack Nitzsche

The crème de la crème of producers! Nitzsche could have his orchestra of choice and he would make sure that the rhythm section was pounding. He had a beautiful way of arranging strings..