Ibiza Rocks 17/07/13


Beady Eye & Temples, Ibiza Rocks 17/07/13 | ibiza-blog.com


I was looking forward to seeing Beady Eye for a second time – I’m enjoying the material on their new album much more than their first. The big question was whether Liam would wear his trademark coat in the sweltering Ibizan heat? ←リアム曰く「脱ごうが着てようが、暑いもんは暑いんだよ!」だって。


I was also looking forward to seeing Temples. I really like their latest single Colours to life, which is currently Number 1 in the Amazing Radio chart. Good timing!

We arrived at the venue early as my friend was doing a brief interview with Temples. At 7.15 there were already 7 people at the front of the stage securing their spot.

With a packed lineup Temples took to the stage at 8.40, which was slightly earlier than usual for a support band to go on. The downside to this is that not everyone has arrived yet and it’s still light, so the atmosphere is hampered somewhat without the full impact of the stage lighting. After the first song singer James urged the assembled crowd to move forward towards the stage, which they obligingly did, and the atmosphere improved instantly.

Temples’ musical style is billed as being neo-psychedelic and their swirling guitar-laden tunes have a retro feel with a contemporary twist. For the third song in the set they launched into their single ‘Colours to Life’ for which the keyboard player swapped his keyboards for a guitar. It sounded great live on a warm Ibizan evening as the sun was going down – melodic and haunting. Towards the end of their 40-minute set they played their first single ‘Shelter Song’ which has a real psychedelic feel to it

I really enjoyed their set – they’re young, talented and a great live band, and they got the party started in style. And singer James wore the best birthday shirt of the night with his lurex gold top, which sparkled in the lights as it got dark.

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