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Live report Temples & Telegram @ Nottingham Bodega, 16th October 2013 / In Depth // Drowned In Sound

That tonight's gig ends in shambolic chaos when singer James Bagshaw invites the whole audience to join him onstage during a closing fanfare of 'Shelter Song' does little to dampen the spirits. As the band cower at the back of the stage, repeatedly hugged, kissed and groped by anyone capable of getting within touching distance of them, it's clear Temples have already established themselves as the people's new favourite band.


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The vocals have a pretty trippy quality to them (as does the atmosphere of their gigs) but not enough to be distorted to the point of indistinction. Overall, an extremely pretty treat for the ears. A treat for the aesthetic visuals as well; the lead singer had a Bowie vibe going on, sporting a glittery top, sparkly eye make-up and gaudy jewellery. Like a hipster Christmas tree.←そんなに派手かなぁ?

The influences of Temples are many. The BeatlesLSD-inspired Revolver must have been prevalent in the minds of the band when writing their current repertoire. Similarly, there’s a lot to be said for the influences of drug-fuelled Primal Scream’s Screamadelica. I make no assumptions about Temples’ state of sobriety during writing but take from the aforementioned musings what you will.


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Despite the efforts of the gauntly Bagshaw to engage with the crowd “You can clap to this one!” not even new single “Shelter Song” can get them moving….but then something very strange happened! Perhaps it’s a sign of a band getting used to playing to these types of crowd or perhaps a sign of naivety on the part of Bagshaw when he says “You can come on stage for the last one”, thinking that none of these middle age rockers will bother and boy was he wrong. Within seconds the stage is swarming with people and, to be fair, they look younger in the light! So a song that should have been a set closer ends in 30 seconds and bodies are flying everywhere. You can just make out a bit of perm and some skinny jeans behind the sea of people on the tiny Bodega stage.

It’s a strange end to a very good evening and a strong set from a band that started the evening with an audience with high expectations but no energy but finished it with an audience literally embracing them. For the folk who jumped on the stage, they probably did it to get their five seconds of fame but if Temples continue to play sets like this they will be getting plenty more time than that!