Great crowd for Temples, you should be proud Guildford!





ライブ前にBBCの取材受けたのかな? DJのエディス・バウマンと。


Hooting And Howling Magazineのレビュー

LIVE: Temples, The Merrylees – The Boileroom, Guildford – 03/10/13


They burst onto stage to a blissed out rendition ofSun Structures’ and a buzz of nostalgic tones and excitement fell, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. By the end of their second track, the still utterly infective B side,Prisms, the exuberance of frontman James Bagshaw – dressed head to toe in glitter with glimpses of shining stars painted on each eye seeming an apt metaphor for it all – along with the rest of the quartet, had been unleashed in full flow and just in time for latest single, Colours To Life’, to fill the room with a new level of spaced out psychedelia, the kind they excel masterfully at.

After brief acquaintances were made, Keep In The Dark’, the outfit’s forthcoming single, kept the kaleidoscopic mood at much the same level with a pulsingly infective bassline provided by Thomas Warmsley overlaid by intricate guitars and a melody that’ll be stuck in your head for months, not that that’s a bad thing. All too soon the set began drawing to a close with an, unsurprisingly but still very much fantastic, “dancing version” of ‘Sand Dance’ and the latest incredible B side Ankh’ - it has to be pointed out that – despite releasing only two so far – the consistency of complete musical excellence in both B sides is entirely on par, if not better, than the singles themselves, every song is brimming with utter talent and, as with the rest of their unreleased material, unlike so many other groups of their standards, no rushed throwaway types are needed, and that’s something to be genuinely admired and looked forward to if nothing else.

Finally, the riff of Shelter Song’ was struck into and the loudest singalong of the night ensued surrounded by grins and the ultimate unspoken seal of approval before the band fled from the stage radiating brilliance in every last ounce of the trail of screaming feedback left in their wake.


ダンスバージョンのSand Danceってどんなんだろ。